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Angelina Jolie Skin Care Secrets


According to the Daily Mail, the 39-year-old Hollywood star is thought to be a fan of Dragon’s Blood, Rodial’s popular sculpting facial gel. Dubbed the ‘Liquid Facelift’, the beauty product works by adding essential volume to hollow skin. It claims to plump, sculpt and lift the complexion whilst protecting against ageing and reducing skin sagging. It is considered a less-invasive alternative to fillers, creating a youthful complexion without the needless and avoiding the common problem known as ‘pillow face’, where the cheeks look ‘inflated’. ‘With our new Dragon’s Blood serum, women including our celebrity fans, are able to regain the youthful fullness in their face,’ says a spokesperson for Rodial.

Dragon’s Blood alleviates the need for such cosmetic work as it plumps facial hollows and ‘orbital troughs’ under and around the eyes, as well as for cheek volume and contouring of the chin, forehead and nose. Pop star Lady Gaga also uses cream and reportedly used it as she prepared for the Golden Globes earlier this year. During independent trials, 92% of volunteers saw an increase in skin elasticity over three months, while 72% also experienced a reduction in skin sagging. Results also showed that those who used Dragon’s Blood found their skin was dramatically defined and volumised with firmer skin and improved tonicity around the jaw line and cheek bones.

Angelina Jolie Beauty Secrets:

Her skin is Jolie’s first priority. She takes all possible care of her skin. She believes that a person looks naturally beautiful when his/her skin is healthy and glowing. Usually, she avoids never uses harsh soaps to wash her face,she applies lotion liberally and always wears SPF. Body moisturizing is another task she does every day with time and care.

The no-makeup look: Except on screen and at certain events, you would find this diva appearing with a no-makeup look. She hates wearing too much makeup, which she has revealed at so many places while disclosing her beauty secrets.

According to makeup artist Toni Garavaglia, Angelina Jolie never uses harsh soaps to wash her face, applies lotion liberally, and always wears SPF. She chooses Colbert MD Nutrify and Protect Day age-defying cream for her delicate facial skin. She has also been known to use La Prairie’s Skin Caviar Luxe Cream and Lierac Paris’s Aqua-D Multivitamine Tinted Emulsion. Another favorite skincare brand of Angie’s is YonKa, from which she uses the Advanced Optimizer Creme Serum, as well as its Huile Corps and La Baume Body. During her pregnancy, she indulged in products from Bella Mama, a luxury cream line designed for maternity. Clearly, the actress likes to experiment with her skincare products– but she almost always keeps it high-end. Ironically, her most famous feature– her lips– are kept plump and hydrated by the popular drugstore lipbalm Blistex.

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