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Top 5 Best Moisturizer, Body Lotions & Face Lotions


Skin types vary, and so must your moisturizer. Despite our differences, nearly all skin types can benefit from the right type of face moisturizer.

Dry skin types can certainly attest to this. Without a daily dose of hydration your skin would be flaky, itchy and tight. Luckily, this list of the best moisturizers includes products that deliver intense hydration that lasts all day without causing breakouts or greasiness.

Oily skin types might use moisturizer less often, but you actually need it just as much. Because people with oily or acne-prone skin often apply drying products, your skin may start to produce more oil to balance it out (yikes). But using a light moisturizer (especially one with oil-control properties) can help keep skin in balance and cause it to produce less oil over time. Thankfully, this list also includes light moisturizers that are perfect for oily skin — ones that don’t cause breakouts or extra shine, but do offer some hydration.

If you have sensitive skin, you know that a good moisturizer can calm redness or flare-ups from skin issues like eczema. Most sensitive skin will benefit from a basic moisturizer without a lot of added chemicals or preservatives, and there are plenty of products on this list that fit the bill.

So check it out. We’re sure you’ll find the best moisturizer for your skin.

Best Face Moisturizer No. 5 CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion PM

Why it’s great: “Department store moisturizer; drugstore price” is how one reader describes this hydrating, budget-friendly night cream. Other highlights include the “non-sticky” texture and the ingredients list, which includes hyaluronic acid for extra moisture. “If you have normal, oily, combo, sensitive or irritated skin, it truly works fabulously,” one user writes.

Best Face Moisturizer No. 4: Bioelements Beyond Hydration

Why it’s great: Readers say that this product is a “lifesaver” for “extremely oily skin” for its ability to hydrate, while controlling oil. “It is super lightweight, and it helps to moisturize so my skin doesn’t overcompensate by producing more oil,” a reader writes. “It literally cuts my skin’s oil production in half,” says another. “I am a licensed esthetician, and this is by far the best skin care line I’ve come across,” she adds.

Best Face Moisturizer No. 3: Origins VitaZing SPF 15 Energy-Boosting Moisturizer

Why it’s great: Called the “Holy Grail tinted moisturizer” for its all-natural formula and non-greasy texture, reviewers love this product for its ability to give skin “a natural glow.” One user writes, “My combination skin stays moisturized all day without being greasy and my skin looks superhealthy with this on.”

Best Face Moisturizer No. 2: Avene Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream

Why it’s great: If you suffer from chronically dry or sensitive skin, readers say this product is your miracle worker. “This product cured my rosacea-prone skin as no other product ever did,” one user writes. “Used once a day it cleared up redness and even seemed to tighten blood vessels.”

Best Face Moisturizer No. 1: La Roche-Posay Toleriane Fluide Daily Soothing Oil-Free Emulsion

Why it’s great: Users agree that this “can’t-live-without” product is the “perfect moisturizer for people with troubled skin.” According to reviews, it is “lightweight, fragrance- and preservative-free [and] perfectly quenching.” One reviewer writes, “I have combination skin, with occasional breakouts and clogged pores, and it is difficult to find a cream that addresses all my skin’s needs. This one is the perfect find.”

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