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How Nutrisystem Made One Man Ready For the Spotlight Again


Once you start hitting your thirties, your metabolism isn’t exactly your best friend anymore. And it shows. Allen Lyle, co-host of the Emmy-nominated television show, Today’s Homecomer, went through the same realization, except he had to be in front of an audience every day. He knew he needed a change when he was shocked by how much weight he had gained after watching back the footage. Nutrisystem helped him get fit again and ready to get out there in the world.

“I stay fairly active on the show, but with increasing age came decreasing metabolism apparently,” Allen said. “During a screening of one of our episodes, all I saw was a ‘portly’ handyman and I was mortified! I don’t mind telling you that I have tried almost every diet known to man, but never had any lasting success. [I was] tired of always feeling out-of-breath and looking more like I belonged on The Food Network.”

For busy people like Allen, Nutrisystem is ideal. With a simple four-week meal plan delivered, it caters to those that like to grab and go. Every four week, they ship you three meals and one snack per day, so you don’t even have to worry about going through the effort of deciding what to eat. There are over 150 really good meal options (don’t worry—you won’t have to eat cardboard for years to lose weight). Then Nutrisystem gives you two flex day each week, where you can enjoy a meal out or a home cooked meal.

Allen lost 9 pounds in his first week on Nutrisystem.

“Inspired by the first week, I stuck to the program and didn’t deter,” Allen said. “Every week, I lost weight. My goal was to drop 25 pounds total and I surpassed that goal within 8 weeks. What Nutrisystem taught me more than anything is portion control and sensible, enjoyable dining! I’m not ashamed to be seen on-camera anymore and have received so many compliments since the weight loss. My career depends on not only my abilities, but also on being someone people will enjoy watching. Thanks, Nutrisystem!”

Nutrisystem doesn’t only help you lose weight, it educates you about the importance of adopting healthy eating habits and staying in control. These simple steps will jumpstart your process to gaining back your health, and being as suave as you were in your 20s. You can still look good in your thirties and beyond. Stop hiding and start losing weight.

UPDATE: The awesome folks at Nutrisystem are extending a special offer to Liberty Project readers. Follow this link to receive 40% off the full retail value of the 4-week plan when you place an auto-delivery order, plus free shipping to the Continental U.S. for the duration of your program. As an added bonus, you’ll also receive free TurboShakes™ with your first order!

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