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Joanna Gaines’ Anti-Aging Secret which are highly praised by numerous celebrities


Recently I’ve read comments on Instagram and Facebook where some of you are curious what anti-aging products I use. It’s always fun for me to discover new products that other people swear by, so I thought it would be fun to give you guys a peek into my skincare bag.

Our schedule has picked up a lot lately with season 5 filming and Chip and I are usually running from job to job with the film crew. The great thing about Fixer Upper is that I’m able to travel around and meet a lot of great people. This is actually my choice but it is also demanding and exhausting, and leaves me little time to do a SPA on my over-stressed aging skin. So I just carry around a pretty basic little bag of skincare products to get me through the longer filming days.

My anti-aging skincare routine is pretty straight forward and I try to keep things pretty simple. So here are my favorite tried and true essentials that I’m always sure to keep on hand:

Indeed Laboratories Hydraluronic Moisture Booster | Not as effective on oily skin
ESTÉE LAUDER Advanced Night Repair Intensive Recovery Ampoules | Calm and repair the look of over-stressed skin, my favorite
ESTÉE LAUDER Concentrated Recovery Eye Mask | My anti-wrinkle secret weapon
Pensida Age-defying Cream | This cream can work wonders!

What is your must-have anti-aging item? Share them with me over on my Instagram page (@joannagaines)!

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