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Plexaderm Skincare Reviews


About Plexaderm Skincare

How fantastic would it be to “instantly remove fine lines and wrinkles in minutes”? What about visibly reducing under eye puffiness and crows feet?

Plexaderm Skincare, a new product line from True Earth Health Products, promises to use silicates and hyaluronic acid to lift wrinkles, tighten bags, and create a “smoother, healthier, more youthful looking complexion”—without prescriptions, expensive injections, or painful surgery.

According to the company, the process works over four steps:

  1. Shake the syringe well. Remove the cap and the white tip, and then rotate the applicator to the unlocked position.
  2. Push the applicator, which will dispense a small amount of Plexaderm onto your fingertip.
  3. Rub the cream around your eyes in a gentle upward and outward motion until fully absorbed. Make sure you don’t get any in your eyes.
  4. Pat with a damp cloth. Wait 10 minutes and then apply the Hyaluronic Moisturizing Serum.

After following these steps, the company claims Plexaderm’s effects will last for hours, while “additional light-diffusing ingredients boost these age-defying effects.”

You don’t mind paying a pretty penny for anti-aging products, but you’re only interested in buying ones that will deliver results. Is Plexaderm Skincare the real deal, or just a big phony? Here’s what we learned during our research.

What Causes Under Eye Wrinkles, Bags, & Puffiness?

Wrinkles (whether around your eyes or elsewhere on your face), under eye bags, and puffiness all stem from one primary cause: aging.

Specifically, when it comes to wrinkles, this is a direct result of collagen and elastin loss, which work to support skin and provide elasticity. As we get older, our body produces less and less of these proteins, which means the “scaffolding” that props up our skin is less able to do its job.

This wrinkling process can also be accelerated by exposing your skin to too much sun, smoking cigarettes, and other lifestyle factors.

The bad news is that collagen and elastin loss—and the wrinkles this process causes—aren’t the only side effect of natural aging. The muscles around your eyes can also weaken, causing fat (that once helped support your eyelids!) to migrate to your lower eyelid, resulting in bags and puffiness. Fluid retention is also a common cause.

The good news is that there are many home remedies you can use to fight against bags and puffiness, and wrinkles can be filled at your dermatologist’s office. What if you don’t want to undergo any procedures though (however mild)? Will Plexaderm’s ingredients deliver results?

Are Plexaderm’s Ingredients Effective?

All we’re told by the manufacturer is that “the ingredients in Plexaderm have been available for years, but out formulation has only been available under the Plexaderm name.” Obviously, this tells us nothing.

Elsewhere on the Plexaderm website, we’re told that their Rapid Wrinkle Remover Cream contains silicates. The problem is that silicates are the most abundant minerals in existence, and there are dozens of different kinds, each with their own uses.

With this in mind, perhaps some of the most common in anti-aging products are magnesium silicate, otherwise known as talc, aluminum silicate, and sodium silicate. The concern is that these are often used for things other than anti-aging (such as thickening agents or preservatives), so it’s unclear how they’ll help reduce under eye bags or puffiness.

On the other hand, hyaluronic acid is commonly found in anti-aging products, since it helps skin retain moisture, thereby plumping and filling in wrinkles. Without a label, though, there’s no way to know how much Plexaderm’s skincare products contain, or there’s enough to provide meaningful results.

One of the ways we can gauge Plexaderm’s effectiveness, though, is by reading what customers have to say, which is what we’ll discuss in a second. First, let’s find out if you’ll experience anything unwanted with Plexaderm Skincare.

Will Plexaderm Cause Any Side Effects or Problems?

As you might imagine, without knowing about most of Plexaderm’s ingredients, there’s no way to know what kinds of side effects you might reasonably experience—if any.

In appropriate concentrations, hyaluronic acid rarely causes side effects, although it can cause allergic reactions in some instances. If you have any concerns, be sure to consult with your dermatologist.

What Kinds of Reviews Are Out There for Plexaderm Skincare?

In a nutshell? Nothing legitimate. Instead, you’ll come across a lot of affiliate websites pretending to be the real deal, but nothing you might use to make a more informed decision.

We did learn that Plexaderm Skincare products are manufactured by True Earth Health Products, based out of Farmingdale, NY. The company wasn’t listed with the BBB at the time of our research, their website only consisted of a home page, and it doesn’t appear they manufacture any other products.

Let’s talk about what you’ll pay for Plexaderm before wrapping things up.

How Much Do Plexaderm’s Skincare Products Cost?

When checking out on the Plexaderm website, you’ll be presented with two options:

Plexaderm Rapid Wrinkle Remover Cream

  • 1 Bottle: $79.90 plus $6.95 S&H (free shipping with enrollment in Preferred Customer Program—more about this below)
  • 3 Bottles: $159.80 plus $6.95 S&H (free shipping with enrollment in Preferred Customer Program)

Plexaderm Ultimate Makeover Kit

Includes 1 tube of Rapid Wrinkle Remover and 1 bottle of Hyaluronic Moisturizing Serum:

  • 1 Kit: $99.97 plus $6.95 (free shipping with enrollment in Preferred Customer Program)
  • 3 Kits: $199.94 plus $6.95 S&H (free shipping with enrollment in Preferred Customer Program)

If you choose the Preferred Customer option, this means you’ll receive a new supply of Rapid Wrinkle Remover or fresh Ultimate Makeover Kit once every 60 or 180 days (depending on the quantity you originally purchased), and charged accordingly each time.

Important note: While Plexaderm’s products come with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges (in case “you do not see or feel the results that you expected”), there’s really no way to know what kinds of results you’ll experience since this only applies to new, unused product. In other words, as soon as you open it, you own it.

Nonetheless, customer service can be reached at (800) 681-0366 or

How Long Does Plexaderm Last? Should You Give It a Try?

Even though the HighYa team has reviewed hundreds of anti-aging products over the years, we were admittedly surprised by the before and after videos on the Plexaderm Skincare website. I mean, can you really expect their Rapid Wrinkle Remover Cream to work in 10 minutes or less?

We’re not so sure. And even if Plexaderm does work as advertised, we’re not clear on how long you might realistically expect the results to last. Why?

Because, like most of the other anti-aging products we’ve reviewed, Plexaderm’s manufacturer didn’t deliver any clinical evidence to back up the claims—they didn’t even think it’s necessary to tell us about any of the ingredients it contains!

Based on these two factors alone—unless you have a habit of paying a lot of money for unknown products, packed with unknown ingredients, brought to you by unknown companies—we’d recommend making an appointment with your dermatologist instead of place an order for Plexaderm Skincare products.

Be sure to How to Never Fall for Another Anti-Aging Scam Again to prevent you from spending money on products that have no hope of delivering on their promises.

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