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SPECIAL REPORT: MHRA Approves Clinically Proven Formula That Reverses Balding In Weeks


Staff reporter Thomas Knight investigates a new solution to balding that is quickly gaining popularity

Men’s Health Life – Doctors have finally found a permanent solution for hair loss in men, ending misery of going bald for millions.

They have not only managed to halt hair loss in clinical trials, but have also manage to regrow hair in thin, patchy and bald areas.

The good news, says Dr. Lewis, is that ReGEN Hair Regrowth Formula is already MHRA-approved for treating hair loss. The problem is the product is not yet availabe for purchase in the UK, but it is already classified as a clinical treatment by the MHRA and according to The Journal of Clinical Health & Nutritional Science, it may be available to purchase over the counter as early as February 2018.

This will be a huge relief for men over 40 – experts say over 45% of men suffer from male pattern baldness in their 40’s.

The breakthrough was made by UK researchers who began clinical trials with ReGEN Hair Regrowth Formula in 2018. ReGEN Hair Supplements are made from completely natural ingredients.

Apart from reversing hair loss in men, ReGEN Hair Regrowth Formula also offers benefits such as fuller, thicker and healthier hair. “Here’s what we know so far: it regrows hair in places that were once bald, prevents hair loss, improves fullness of hair and increases hair growth – all with no adverse side effects.” -Eli C. Lewis, PhD, biochemical and pharmacology professor at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

Dr. Eleanor Kennedy, research director at DiaStar Health Alliance, said: “We are all very excited to have solved the hair loss issue. Although the product wont be available in the UK until February at the very earliest, we are providing 200 trial bottles to men who suffer from hair loss in the UK.”

Male pattern baldness, the most common form, usually occurs in men who are over 45 and causes men to become more prone to depression. If you suffer from hair loss or baldness, doctors suggest trying ReGEN Hair Regrowth Formula while the free bottle promotion is available.

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