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Top 5 Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream Of 2018


A Free Guide To Anti-Wrinkle And Skin Tightening Products of 2017. Find out what creams are out there, which work, and safe, research proven options available.*

Do Anti-Aging Creams Actually Work?

You’re looking for the best anti-aging cream to help you look younger while being safe and gentle for your skin… Woman’s Answers did the research to guide you. Today, you will learn how to navigate the anti-aging cream market and avoid the scammers so you can find your perfect fit, that actually gets you results.

As the Senior Editor and Researcher for Skincare at Woman’s Answers, it is in my job description to be passionate about skincare. Over the past 15 years, my passion has evolved into 1 specific topic: anti-wrinkle products. I can speak about Retinol, Vitamin C, Collagen or GluCare—just to name a few renowned ingredients—for hours. Friends and readers often ask me for recommendations. I help them find the perfect product for their issues, avoiding fake claims or “too good to be true” marketing strategies.

I researched the top anti-aging creams of 2018 with Woman’s Answers entire skincare team. Together, we evaluated hundreds of products on the market in 2018— Those available both in stores or online. We investigated every price range, and tested several dozens of anti-aging creams that fit our requirements and finally came up with our top 5, the best of the best.

Any of the creams that made our Top 5 could help you fix your major issue. However, doing research on any one of them may result in a ton of annoying pop-ups and redirects on your web browser—maybe it’s already started. Like you, I receive them too. Depending on my online search techniques, I get polluted with constant pop-ups on my web browser. Over the years, I’ve found that some of these ads presented valid arguments and great products, but most of them would just send me to scam-based websites.

So I got annoyed. I mean, you look a product up on line and you get harassed for days with “the best product of the year” popping-up under your eyes every other minute. It makes it so difficult for you to find the cream that will actually help you. You might buy one that doesn’t fit your needs because the claims seem incredible. You try it out and you feel deceived. It doesn’t hold up to your expectations. It is a total waste of your time, of your money. You throw it out and try to forget about it. Until next pop-up, when the whole cycle starts again. After a while, you just don’t believe in any of these products. You think that you will never find the one that will help you get rid of these expression lines, age spots or dull complexion. Totally understandable. Anybody would react like that. You are not alone.

I can’t do much to stop untrustworthy companies from bothering you. What I can do however, is help you recognize them for what they are, so they won’t trick you ever again.

That’s why, before going any further in our review of the best anti-aging creams of 2017, I decided to deeply investigate the subject of online scammers—especially related to the beauty industry—and to share my understandings with you so you can reclaim control.

My goal here is to help you become a savvy beauty shopper with all the tools in your hands to only buy the products you need, when you need them.

Because you deserve to be treated with respect and gentleness, and so does your skin.

Once you know how to avoid scammers, I will give you a detailed breakdown of Woman’s Answers Top 5 Anti-Aging Cream of 2018.

I trust these brands, and often recommend them to friends and readers.

Yet, don’t take my word for it, establish your own opinion and take your time.

You only deserve the best.

How to Spot a Scam

These are my Top 5 red flags I use to avoid being taken advantage of:

1) Phony Website – This is the first thing you need to look for any time you find a website that looks like a popular magazine recommending products. Look at the URL and see if it matches the magazine it claims to be—whether it’s People or Cosmopolitan or Woman’s Day. For the record, I will freely (and proudly) tell you that Woman’s Answers is NOT affiliated with Woman’s Day in any way—we are an alternative with a more science-based approach to our information. Here’s an example of what I mean:

If you are on People magazine’s website, the URL will say If you’re not, it will say something else. It’s that simple. If you click on a particular section, it will say and then whatever section, like this:

Or, if you click on a particular article, the URL will have something related to the article, like this:

If you see anything in the URL bar that says something else entirely, you are not really on that magazine’s website. If you’re still not sure, try to click on one of the other sections (like News or Style). If it’s a phony website, they cut the act right then and redirect you to a form to fill out for their “free trial.”

2) Free Trial – When a company offers to give you a free product and asks you to just pay for shipping, they enter you into a subscription as soon as you give them your credit card info. The subscription becomes nearly impossible to cancel. So, whether the product works or not, you’re stuck paying for it again and again (like my cousin Barb).

3) Pipedream Promises – Many of these companies promise to “get rid of wrinkles” or “take 20 years off your face” and other unrealistic claims. Unfortunately for us, there is no way to 100% “get rid of wrinkles.” The Fountain of Youth hasn’t been discovered yet so all we can do is try our best to slow aging down and try to reverse the little bit that we can with enriching skincare products to keep our skin healthy.

4) Amateur Website – This is similar to the first point, but maybe a little more obvious. A company might not be pretending to be a popular magazine, but their website will be full of coding errors where buttons don’t line up right or there are obvious misspellings all over the place. If a company can’t afford to hire a decent web designer, how can they afford to develop high-quality skincare products?

5) Not Made in the USA – Foreign-made products are often not subject to the same rules and regulations that USA-made products are. USA-made products still have their issues, like the rampant chemical usage in our skincare products, but at least when a USA-made product says it’s all-natural, it really is all-natural. A foreign-made product might say that it’s all-natural and then who knows what’s really in it?

How to Spot a Real Anti-Aging Solution

There are multiple ways to identify a good product. I reveal my full process in identifying effective anti-aging solutions later in this article. For now, here’s a general rule: Rather than look at the ingredients in the product, look at the research behind the ingredients. Don’t trust a company that doesn’t do its homework, or that won’t show it to you.

A credible company will share their research with you. You know they’re confident in their product if they demonstrate that they have nothing to hide. They will be able to show you verifiable sources and studies that prove exactly how their chosen ingredients may potentially get you results:

✔ Reduced Wrinkles & Fine Lines
✔ Smooth, Light Skin
✔ Even Skin Tone, Reduced Spots & Discoloration

There are some ingredients I highly recommend because the research behind them is truly revolutionary and a must-see for anyone looking for the best anti-aging skincare.

• Oil from the Paracess Plant, also known as Spilanthes Acmella. It’s a beautiful, yellow plant from brazil that “may be essential in accelerating the repair of [skin] as well as stimulate, reorganize and strengthen the [skin]”. (Dr. Veda P., Journal Experimental and clinical sciences)*11,12,13 Paracress contains alkyl amides, which are known by scientists for their immune-stimulating effects. Research suggests it has the potential to help your skin complexion. Some associate it with smoothness, and firmness, and believe it may give a smooth, firm texture.*6,11,12,13

• Ferment Extract. It often comes with a scary long sciencey word in front of it (pseudoalteromonas), but it is an all-natural Peptide loaded with essential Amino Acids that may serve to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Scientists used 3D optical measurements to see an effect on skin creases compared to the placebo, and results show great potential.*7 Peptides in general have been found to be potentially important in helping improve your skin, however the research is still very new.*8

• Beta-Glucan. It’s actually a type of sugar that just might be very good for your skin. Research suggests that it may have the potential to wash out sebum and other bodily compounds that are clogging pores.*9

My Recommended Anti-Wrinkle Beauty Creams

The anti-aging market is bigger now than it has ever been, so it can be hard to find good products even when you know what to look for. Now that I’ve helped you avoid some of the predatory scams out there and hopefully set you on a path to some real anti-aging results, I want to save you some time by showing you the wrinkle creams that I find to be the most effective.

My research team and I at Woman’s Answers sorted through many anti-aging products. We’ve selected the Top 5 best anti-aging skincare products that I believe are actually worth your money.

These brands were selected based on the research, safety, and effectiveness of their chosen ingredients, consistently high customer reviews, and how well they performed in our in-house tests and trials.

I’ve ranked the products based on which products achieved the best anti-aging results and by these 10 factors:

1) Research & Scientific Evidence
2) Types of Ingredients
3) Purity of Ingredients
4) Speed of Expected Result
5) Made in USA
6) Customer Reviews
7) Price
8) Customer Service
9) Return Policy
10) Cruelty Free

Here are 5 products that meet the above criteria, you can read more about each one by following the more information button.

#1 Choice:

Anti-Aging Cream

Guarantee:90 Day MoneyBack

Rejuvelix Report Overview:

Rejuvelix was selected as our editors anti aging choice because it contains all the top researched ingredients mentioned above, and backed by published research. Many of these ingredients have been recently developed in France and Germany while the final formula is developed in the USA.*1,11,12,13

Product Safety: Because Rejuvelix is based on research tested ingredients, and are developed following FDA standards and regulations it is generally considered safe, and there has not been any reported issues. It is still always suggested you consult a physician before starting any new regiments.*

Company Reputation: An online search reveals many powerful user reviews.* The company openly admits to third party testing, is based in the USA, and they further indicate the product is made in an FDA registered lab that follows GMP guidelines.*

Product Guarantee: Rejuvelix offers a 90 day 100% Money Back Guarantee.*1

#2 Choice:

Radical Peptide Infused
Antioxidant Serum


Guarantee:30 Day

Radical Report Overview:Developed by Radical Skincare within the United States by Liz and Rachel Edlich, this company has been pioneering skincare in many ways. They have several products using their “Trylacel Technology” and empty several scientists and advisors to develop their formulas and compounds.*

Why?Radical’s anti-aging serum contains a clean, safe and effective blend of ingredients that aim to help improve the look of skin. It’s free from many of the harsh chemicals that are found in cosmetics and the company seems very reliable.*

It’s best used twice a day before you moisturize and has a 30 day money back Policy.

#3 Choice:

VERSO Skincare Time Reverse Series

Guarantee:60 Day

Background:Created by Verso Skincare, this company creates many skincare products known for high quality. Unfortunately they are also known for their high prices. They are located in Sweden and specialize in many different types of skincare treatments.*

Why?Verso’s treatment is a multi-step process which took a long time to get through. It’s definitely not as easy as using a one step cream in the morning and night. But the ingredients are high quality and it does contain retinol and fruit extract. Verso also added a fragrance to their treatment which some customers do not enjoy.*

The price was a huge turn off because it’s not more effective than Rejuvelix. But it did work and received good testimonials.*

The product must be, “new or gently used,” in order to receive a refund in 60 days.

#4 Choice:

Sunday Riley’s Bionic Anti-Aging Cream


Guarantee:30 Day

Background:It was difficult to find information about Sunday Riley’s origins and history. They are an american brand specializing in skincare and have been around for many years. Similar to the Skin Research Institute, their products are based on the chemistry they research. It does not appear that they do their own research so information comes from publicly accessed material.*

Their return policy only gives you 30 days to return your product, so you must make a quick decision on if you want to stick with it and includes all products both used and unused*

Why?This anti-aging product wasn’t as bionic as we thought, but it worked well. This is a worthy retinol cream that is effective, but does not contain the ingredients spoken about. Without these, results are slow and not less visible. Sunday Riley and the other brands are all trustworthy and can be depended on for several products.*

#5 Choice:

Guerlain Abeille Royale 1-Month Youth Treatment


Guarantee:None Offered

Background:Guerlain is a French luxury brand that for many years has produced many quality skincare products. Their products are higher quality and higher priced. They make a variety of products ranging from skincare to fragrances. You can find them at any major cosmetics store.*

Why?If you were to go to a cosmetics store and purchase this product without looking at others, you would think that it was worth it because it does produce results. The price is very high, so much so that we probably shouldn’t have listed it. We wanted to give an example though of a higher end product that is not more effective than the less pricey choices.*

They had a very small anti-aging collection, this being the only option and it seems most products are developed for the younger crowd. Their policy is very weak and only includes 30 days on products that are ‘lightly used.’ If it doesn’t work for you, then you’re out of luck on your refund.*

*Suggestions and Results can be experienced differently by different individuals. This website provides information that is based on, published research, individual reviews, and clinical studies examined by the researchers, experts and our editors. Supporting research and information for facts is found directly in the content, or in the “Research” section as well as the “Terms & Conditions” section of WomansAnswers.

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