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Top 5 Eye Creams Of 2017


As the Lead Editor at, the #1 question I’m asked by readers and friends is this:

“What can I do to look MORE beautiful?”

That’s a loaded question to have to answer, but I always say the same thing:

“Make sure your eyes look their best and then go from there.”

Believe it or not 70% of men say eyes are what they notice on a woman first. Not our hair. Not our boobs. Not our butts.

Our Eyes.

(Skin aging process after 35 years)

Remember, there’s a Biblical proverb that suggests “Eyes are the window to the soul.” That’s why plastic surgeons are always taught to frame everything they do around a person’s eyes.

Keeping this one part of my body beautiful has helped me feel confident when I catch a younger man looking at me at the grocery store, and I take comfort in knowing that my ex husband is jealous.

With that said, the next question is always this:

“HOW do I keep my eyes beautiful?”

The answer is simple: apply a high-quality eye cream every morning and evening.

“But finding a high-quality eye cream is NOT simple…”

Until Now…

If you’re like most women, you know that finding an eye cream that is effective, safe, and affordable is a real challenge!

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve tried seemingly everything. Everything from:

  • Eye Creams
  • Anti-Aging Serums & Oils
  • Cucumbers, Potatoes, Cold Spoons
  • Massages

Some of these “solutions” helped moisturize my skin at least, but didn’t help any of the puffiness or discoloration. Some actually made my skin MORE dry and made my crow’s feet even worse! Despite the disappointment, it’s important to stay positive and know that it’s not your fault.

Especially since you’re going to finally find an eye cream that REALLY works to reduce wrinkles, bags, puffiness, and dark circles TODAY.

With all of the different eye creams and other things I’ve tried to keep my eyes radiant, I’m able to tell you what I believe are the Top 5 Eye Creams on the market that produce the best anti-aging results. Are any of them a “magic Fountain of Youth?” No, but we’re closer than we’ve ever been before. You can skip to the bottom to see the rankings if you want to, or you can keep reading from here to find out how and why we ranked the products the way we did…

We tried out several newly released anti-aging eye creams

Our criteria for a good eye cream was strict to ensure that we weren’t missing any smaller, niche or lesser known products. Because we learned many years ago that it usually isn’t the major brands developing the most effective products. There’s an enormous market with many great products that you probably have never heard of… but so many other women have already found. There are definitely a few companies that are taking big leaps forward when it come to eye products.

From our research, we found that advanced clinical studies have established some new and exciting ingredients, and we recommend you look for them when purchasing your eye cream. If possible, get one containing all of them. They are as follows:

1.) Regu-Age: This is an active complex consisting of specially purified peptides and protein produced bio-technologically. In double blind studies, it showed significal improvement tighting of skin and reduction of skin creases around the eyes.[2]*

2.) Glypure: Recent studies suggest that Glypure works by affecting the water content of the skin cells to help prevent dry skin and flakiness making the skin look softer, and more radiant. [3][12]*

3.) Vitamin C:The last ingredient we recommend making sure the eye cream contains is Vitamin C. If there is one thing that dermatologists will agree on, it is that vitamin C provides antioxidant protection to skin from damaging free radicals that are one of the main sources for aging of skin. [4][5]*

Some of the products that we recommend containing these and other high quality ingredients are Reborneye Advanced Repair Eye Cream by Skin Research Institute, Intensive Vitalizing Eye Essence by AmorePacific, and Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Concentrate by Fresh.*

Our comprehensive list of eye creams to rebuild your youthful look is a list of products including ones you’ve seen in stores, some high end choices, more affordable choices…

Our Eye Cream Recommendation

We are excited to reveal our final pick Reborneye Advanced Repair Eye Cream by Skin Research Institute, contains all three of our recommend ingredients. *

#1 Choice:


By Skin Research Institute

Company BackgroundThe Skin Research Institute has become a leader in the anti-aging community using laboratory research and testing. Their products are sold exclusively online and are located in Santa Monica, California.

Why Is Our Choice #1?Skin Research Institute’s Reborneye is the only eye cream containing the three recommended ingredients we listed above; Regu-Age, Glycolic Acid and vitamin C. It is also free from Parabens & Phthalates, and is gentle and easy to apply.

During limited release and promotional phases, these laboratories are offering a “60 day full, no questions asked” refund to try their product.

The company also has a excellent return policy, after testing, we called to make a return to test customer service. Without having to give reason we were able to send an empty jar of Reborneye back and received our money back the next day.

You can read a more detailed review by clicking the full report bottom below.

#2 Choice:

Intensive Vitalizing Eye Essence

By AmorePacific

BackgroundBe careful when you see this brand name…you might think it’s french. But just the opposite. AmorePacific comes from South Korea, founded in 1945. They specialize in a variety of skincare, cosmetic and perfume products that utilize ancient Asian herbs and remedies.

Why?This is a serum that is used in the morning and night and is applied with the small metal ball at the end of the container. It’s extensively tested by dermatologist and the return policy is 30 days as long as the product is sealed or lightly used. It is a bit over priced in our opinion but contains quality ingredients.*7

#3 Choice:

Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Concentrate

By Fresh

BackgroundSugar, milk, soy and rice are the main ingredients in Fresh products. The alchemy that formulates their skincare treatments separates them with their unique ingredients but their products receive varying reviews.

Why?This product is used to relax facial muscles to lift, smooth and firm skin. Once again, the price is a noticeable turn off, but it is an effective option. It has no fragrance added. This Omorovicza contains ferment and fruit extract which were both chemicals we introduced to you earlier as advanced skincare fighters.

Their return policy says that the bottles must be new or lightly used in order to take advantage of their 60 day return policy.*

#4 Choice:

Total Replenishing Eye Cream


BackgroundNARS is a french skincare and make-up company known for their provocative product names. As a fairly new company, they have made it into several cosmetic stores but does not have a name recognition in the anti-aging community.

Why?Total Replenishing cream is an older product, but its formula still is shown to be effective and uses high quality ingredients with studies behind them.*

#5 Choice:

Shaba Complex Eye Serum

By Drunk Elephant

BackgroundDrunk Elephant products are described on their website as minimal, effective and non-toxic. Similarly to many of the other brands, Drunk Elephant is a niche brand that can be found in many retailers

Why?This is one of the few serums we liked, and many other women like it too. The ingredients are interesting and the research they provide backs up their claims of effectiveness.*

* Results may vary from user to user. Read label and warning carefully proir to use. This website provides information that is based on, published research, individual reviews, and clinical studies examined by the researchers, experts and our editors. Supporting research and information for facts is found directly in the content, or in the “Research”.



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